noun (ĕf′ə-mĕr′ə-dēz′)

the positions of naturally occurring astronomical objects as well as artificial satellites in the sky at a given time or times.

We love barrel aged beers, we love them so much we devote a significant amount of space in our brewhouse to them.  Our ever-growing stock of barrels includes wine, whiskey, bourbon, and whatever else strikes our fancy.  The fun begins when we transfer one of our many beers into the barrels after primary fermentation and begin the most frustrating part: waiting.

We wait for the flavors of the barrel and their former spirit to take hold in the beer, this process is slow but it yields beautiful results.  We monitor the beer throughout the process, checking its aroma, flavor, pH and gravity.  We look for signs of unwanted infection, oxidation, and autolysis.

When we believe the beer has reached the perfect point in aging, the point where aroma and flavor are at their optimal blend of the original beer and the chosen vessel; we capture the beer.  We call this point in time the “epoch”.  An “epoch” is a point in time that’s used as a reference for something that varies over time.

So if you happen to be in the tap room, ask us what is currently aging.  We’ll give you the list of beers we have lying in wait and possibly an estimate of when they will be ready.  From time to time we unveil these beers in the tap room or in small runs of bottles.  

This is a log of the different beers we have released: